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SAMA Property 2017 Assessments

SAMA Property 2017 Assessments


SAMA has just released the 2017 assessments for our community as per the Town of Hanley.  You can look at what SAMA shows as your assessment values by going to their website at:

SAMA Property Assessments

or the address of:


You need to click the box by ‘I Agree’ and then choose your search option.  For any high speed internet you can use ‘Map Search’.

Under 1, Choose a municipality.  Type Hanley in the box and it should pop up with a red listing HANLEY-TOWN

Click on the listing in red and it will take you to a map of Hanley.  You can then use the + / – keys at the top to zoom in.  Use the mouse and click on the ‘+’ then move to the map and click on the map.  It will enlarge to read streets.  Click the  ‘hand’ on the menu to be able to move around the map.  Once you find your property, you click on the ‘circle I’ at the top of the screen.  Your mouse should change to a finger pointer and you can go to the property and click on it.  The property listing should turn green, then click on the ‘down arrow’ and at the bottom you can click ‘add to results’.

This will add the listing to your ‘search results at the left of the screen.  If you click on the ‘piece of paper’ it will show your listing, etc.

You can also use this site to find information on other houses in the community to compare yours with for sale, etc; property that you wish to purchase; or even the Tax Enforcement List that the Town puts out with properties that have not paid their taxes for the year or any property that you wish to view that may be coming up for sale for ‘taxes owing’.

The Tax Enforcement list usually comes out in March each year and is published in The Davidson Leader.