Conserve Water

Due to a DRWU water break on the weekend, we have “shut the tap off” from the pipeline. Town of Hanley water users: please conserve water till Tuesday afternoon (December 11th, 2018)

Tuesday (Dec 11th)::  WATER USERS OF HANLEY. Thank you once again for being so diligent with your water conservation! We are able to draw water from the pipeline again with NO PDWA! You no longer need to conserve.

House Fire in Town of Hanley

The Town of Hanley has set up a fund where you can donate to Darryl & Shirley Grindheim after they lost everything in their house fire on June 25. You can donate to the Town of Hanley by Debit, Credit Card or cheque with a memo to Grindheims or e-transfer with the security question: “How can I help Grindheims” with the answer “Grindheim”. Mailing address for the Town of Hanley, Box 270, Hanley, SK S0G 2E0. Charitable donation receipts will be provided.


Kerry Sheffield‎ to Hanley, Saskatchewan Buy and Sell

Last night the Grindheim family suffered a tragedy with the loss of their home and all belongings. My son Tyler sat with Josh while the firefighters and townspeople did everything to help.  Tyler has decided he wants to help too. Many of you know or have seen Tyler around town and in the ditches picking cans for years now (he is only 7). We have a load of cans to take in now and Tyler wants to donate all the money to Josh and his family. If anybody has cans or bottles to donate Tyler will happily pick them up.