Hanley Carolling

There was some tough competition this year but here are the winners from the Christmas lights competition:

1. Jordan Richardson
2. Terry Roberts
3. Colleen Klein
East of highway 11
1. Lawrence Chris Sarich
2. Dawn McPhee and Dustan
3. Ron & Cindy Townsend
West of highway 11
1. Patti & Wyatt Prosofsky
2. Rick & Darice Carlson
3. Arny & Shannon Hammond Froese

First place will get two Town of Hanley bunny hugs (can be picked up at the town office from Darice) and if you have more than two people living in your house you get a Hanley Ag Fair t-shirt for every person after the initial two (please message Andrea Litz Townsend to pick these up). Second and third place each get one Hanley Ag Fair t-shirt!

Thanks to everyone who came carolling! We had a packed wagon!!!