Hanley Seniors Annual meeting April 24 @ 4pm.

The seniors has been well attended this last year.

  A monthly Bingo brought in over $600.00

Exercises Wed. & Fri. morning had a larger attendance than we have had for a few years.

Tues. morning pool and Tues. afternoon Shuffle board and craft days have also been going well.

Cars & Carpet bowling Wed. & Fri. afternoons has really taken off with twenty in attendance most days.

The craft sessions tied 55 blankets for Mennonite relief, and 3 for community welfare.

We put on a coffee afternoon for the Alzheimers  society and raised over $300.00.

Each year we buy and plant flowers in the Cenotaph park.

Executive for the coming year;  

President Jean Reeves

Vice President Velma  Gindheim

Secretary  Doreen Smith     Treasure Joyce Armstrong

The meeting ended with a pot luck supper.

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