Shutting Down the Blog – Hanley This & That

I have made the decision to close down the This & That blog that has been ongoing for almost 13 years. Now a days everyone is getting their local information from Facebook. It is getting to be expensive for the blog with security, hosting, etc. Quite frankly, it is so much easier to quickly upload a poster onto the Hanley This n That Facebook page. There are only about 40 folks that currently subscribe to the blog whereas there are 663 members on the Facebook page. I am not sure when I will get it all shut down, but to those that have been here for years, ‘I Thank You’. For those that are Facebook users, check out the group page at:

You will need to supply a reason why you wish to join, but I am fairly quick at authorizing new users.

Thanks for everything


Town of Hanley – Fire Ban

The Council for the Town of Hanley declared a Fire Ban for the Town of Hanley effective immediately.Propane fueled fires are exempt.Any questions should be referred to the Mayor or Council for the Town.