Town of Hanley – Fire Ban

The Council for the Town of Hanley declared a Fire Ban for the Town of Hanley effective immediately.Propane fueled fires are exempt.Any questions should be referred to the Mayor or Council for the Town.

Animal Control Officer – Hanley, SK

The Council for the Town of Hanley did not receive any applications for the position of Animal Control Officer. They decided to leave the application open till the next meeting on April 12. If no one local applies for the position, they will be forced to contract an outside agency for enforcement. Please consider helping our community! Thank you.

Feedback, Concerns & Suggestions to Hanley Council


1. Background-Council wish to receive input from the ratepayers of Hanley, including:•Feedback concerning actions already taken by Council;•Suggestions regarding actions recommended to Council, both criticisms and compliments.-The most useful form of input:•Is in writing so that all members of council hear the same input;•Contains recommendations for specific action by Council;•Is submitted using the Input Form(attached).

2. Procedure for Contacting Council members-

Ratepayers may wish to make contact with the Mayor or Councillors, in person or by phone.In such cases, ratepayers are asked to:•Be considerate of the time of day;•Be considerate of the presence of guests in the Council member’s home.-Council members will not engage in dialogue that is rude or abusive;-In most cases, Council members will recommend that ratepayers put their input in writing and may recommend the useof the Input Form(attached).

3. Councillors reporting ratepayers’ concerns-

Councillors reporting on ratepayers’ concerns will provide the name(s) of the complainant(s);-Where a councillor expresses a concern on a matter for which the Town already has a policy, that councillor should be prepared to stipulate the specific policy changes being suggested.

4. Council dealing with input-

Some input may be able to be dealt with immediately with a simple action such as a phone call, etc. In such cases, the Councillor may indicate that “unless you hear otherwise from me, we are likely to take the following action;”-Other action may require more lengthy consideration such as a policy revision or inclusion in the following year’s budget;-Council makesno promise to answer all verbal input received;-However, Council does promise that each Input Formwill receive consideration on the agenda of the subsequent regular meeting of Council and a reply in writing.

2-Where Council advises the Administrator to write either to the subject of the complaint or in reply to a complainant, that decision must first be taken in the form of a motion which stipulates the exact nature of the reply (such is not the case where the complaint is of a routine nature and with which the Administrator routinely deals);-Some suggestions may be referred to one of the Council’s Standing Committees.

The Form can be found online at: