Travelling Criminals

The summer is here and the criminals are on the move and more active, please ensure your residence and vehicles are secure to prevent thefts as in Davidson (only 30 minutes away)…..

Municipal Fire Bans – Effective June 13, 2018


With rainfall in many areas, the ban on open fires for all provincial Crown land south of the Churchill River, including provincial parks, has now been lifted. The ban was put in place on May 14. There are now no active provincial fire bans in Saskatchewan.

Campfire restrictions may be put in place for specific provincial parks and recreation sites, based on local conditions. More information can be found at Tourism Saskatchewan.

Municipalities, regional and national parks may also ban open burning in their areas of responsibility. You can view a list of municipal fire bans and check with your local authority to find out if there are burning restrictions in place for your area or where you plan to travel.

The fire ban for Prince Albert National Park has been lifted.

As of June 13th, 2018, there still is a ‘Fire Ban’ in effect for areas around Hanley (the Town of Hanley, RM of Rosedale, Resort Village of Shields and Resort Village of Thode).