Feedback, Concerns & Suggestions to Hanley Council


1. Background-Council wish to receive input from the ratepayers of Hanley, including:•Feedback concerning actions already taken by Council;•Suggestions regarding actions recommended to Council, both criticisms and compliments.-The most useful form of input:•Is in writing so that all members of council hear the same input;•Contains recommendations for specific action by Council;•Is submitted using the Input Form(attached).

2. Procedure for Contacting Council members-

Ratepayers may wish to make contact with the Mayor or Councillors, in person or by phone.In such cases, ratepayers are asked to:•Be considerate of the time of day;•Be considerate of the presence of guests in the Council member’s home.-Council members will not engage in dialogue that is rude or abusive;-In most cases, Council members will recommend that ratepayers put their input in writing and may recommend the useof the Input Form(attached).

3. Councillors reporting ratepayers’ concerns-

Councillors reporting on ratepayers’ concerns will provide the name(s) of the complainant(s);-Where a councillor expresses a concern on a matter for which the Town already has a policy, that councillor should be prepared to stipulate the specific policy changes being suggested.

4. Council dealing with input-

Some input may be able to be dealt with immediately with a simple action such as a phone call, etc. In such cases, the Councillor may indicate that “unless you hear otherwise from me, we are likely to take the following action;”-Other action may require more lengthy consideration such as a policy revision or inclusion in the following year’s budget;-Council makesno promise to answer all verbal input received;-However, Council does promise that each Input Formwill receive consideration on the agenda of the subsequent regular meeting of Council and a reply in writing.

2-Where Council advises the Administrator to write either to the subject of the complaint or in reply to a complainant, that decision must first be taken in the form of a motion which stipulates the exact nature of the reply (such is not the case where the complaint is of a routine nature and with which the Administrator routinely deals);-Some suggestions may be referred to one of the Council’s Standing Committees.

The Form can be found online at: