Town Office Closed to Public

Due to the recent Declaration of a State of Emergency by the Province of Saskatchewan, the Hanley Town Office will not be allowing public into the office. Please conduct your Town business over the phone @ 306-544-2223 or by email at Employees will continue to be at the Town Office during regular hours, the Foreman will be doing his day to day duties but we are discouraging contact with others, and the Transfer Station Operator will keep the Transfer Station open for regular hours with extra care being taken for his safety and yours.

3:00 p.m. – March 19th, 2020

After consulting with representation from the Hanley Seniors, the Council for the Town of Hanley have decided to close the Centennial Hall till further notice. The front door will remain locked. These preventative measures are being taken to ensure the continued health and safety of the entire community, but especially those most vulnerable.

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