Hanley Candidates BIOs


Disclaimer: The Town of Hanley Council nor Staff were involved in the creation of questions or the request for information. One of the candidates posed questions and asked the office staff to forward the questions to each candidate as the Town Office had contact information for each candidate. This was strictly voluntary on the part of the candidates. Please direct any questions or concerns to the candidates themselves.

Notice of Abandonment of Poll

Candidates for the Town of Hanley Municipal Election are:

Rodney Lazenby

Sean Bursaw

Jarvis Stewart

Rob Moate

Giselle Hanson

Melissa Maddox

Brian Wolfe

Jordan Richardson

Donald Law

Andrew Kroeger

Cindy Prosofsky

The Mayor’s position was filled by acclamation and Richard McGregor is the new Mayor for Hanley, SK

Hanley & RM Rosedale – Fire Ban

Effective Immediately:

The Hanley/Rosedale Fire Chief has declared a fire ban in The R.M. of Rosedale No. 283 and the Town of Hanley on all burning, including outdoor fire pits and controlled burns. This order will continue to be in effect until further notification from the municipality.

Town of Hanley Council Meeting – July 6th, 2020

The regular date for the Town of Hanley’s council meeting should have been July 13th, 2020. The Town and all the council members failed to let the general public know that the meeting date was changed because the Administrator was going on holidays.

At the time, there was consternation in the community of the water bill issues and people were waiting to go to the meeting on July 13th, 2020 to voice their concerns. Unknown to them, the Town changed the date and failed to notify the general public.

On checking with the Provincial Ombudsman Office through their website. The site advises to check with the authority for clarification.

In my view the meeting on July 6th, 2020 should be classed as an “In Camera Meeting”. That means that no bylaws can be passed at the meeting. Any discussions on bylaws or votes must be brought forth to a valid Council Meeting (ie regular date or advertised change of date).

The following is a quote from the Municipality Act for the Province of Saskatchewan: Quote:::

Regular meetings122(1) A council may decide to hold regularly scheduled council or council committee meetings on specified dates, times and places.(2) Notice of regularly scheduled meetings need not be given.(3) If a council or a council committee changes the date, time or place of a regularly scheduled meeting, the council shall give notice of the change to any members of council or committee members not present at the meeting at which the change was made and to the public at least 24 hours before the changed meeting.


As I looked at the Council minutes from July 6th, 2020, I see the council passed numerous bylaws and actions. My question to the Town: Were these bylaws and questions brought forward legally to the Council meeting of August 11th, 2020? If not, then any bylaw passed at the July 6th meeting are not valid and need to be reintroduced at a regular council meeting where the general public is able to sit in and view the proceedings.

I do find It strange that questions on the water issues in early July, the Town Administrator, The Town Clerk, The Mayor, The Deputy Mayor and all council members failed to note that a notice of change of council date was not published to the general public.

Seems like the Town was trying to hide something. I do know the Deputy Mayor said ‘Sorry’ for not advising the public. Is that to mean that like the Federal PM, once you say ‘sorry’, all is good even though they didn’t follow correct procedures?

Just saying !

Town Office Closed Hours

The Town Office will be closed Tuesday, August 18, 2020 from 1:00 p.m. to approximately 3:00 p.m. while the Administrator attends a meeting with SaskWater and the Town of Dundurn.

Sorry for the inconvenience.