Just An Old Dispatcher's HangOut
I believe it was back in about 1964 that I first set my eyes on Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan and the area.  I was visiting my future in-laws cabin and I just was so thrilled with the whole area.  
Moving along, I eventually married into the family and my new spouse and I spent our honeymoon at the Lake.  This followed many years of visiting and staying with the in-laws during the summer months.
In the early 80's the properties were being put on the market for sale and Sandra and I purchased the lot next to to Sandra's mom and dad.  We purchased an old 57 foot mobile home and moved it onto the site with the assistance of my father and his fancy driving.  Then we got our electricity installed, plumbing installed and started to enjoy the Lake life whenever we could.
With the in-laws passing, their cabin was sold and new owners took over.  We also had a move to Regina and it made for a long commute, so we didn't get to visit the Lake as much as we wanted.  When I retired and we moved to Hanley, we were able to make more trips to the Lake for some R & R.  
It is not the fanciest place, but it affords us shelter from the elements, a fridge and a stove for the conveniences as well as indoor plumbing :)
It is still one of my favourite places to be . . .